May 2019
Identifies the high impact practices within key country strategies, including analysis of health financing objectives.
Statistical review of progress
November 2016
This report measures progress made during the first half of the implementation of the plan – 2014 to mid-2016 – using all available data sources, paying special attention to county progress.
Health Sector Working Group Report
September 2016
This document provides information on planned health expenditures in Kenya.
Kenya Health Financing Profile
May 2016
Overview of Kenya's total health expenditure, financing sources, health insurance pooling and purchasing, and HIV financing.
Macro-Fiscal Profile Kenya
May 2016
This brief provides an overview of Kenya's macroeconomic indicators, government revenue, and expenditures.
Kenya Project Appraisal Document
May 2016
Program paper on proposed additional financing from the Global Financing Facility to Kenya.
January 2016
This investment case presents prioritized interventions to scale up in the next five-years to achieve Vision 2030, the Consitution of 2010, and the Health Sector Strategic Plan 2014-2018.
Kenya National Health Accounts 2012/2013
June 2015
The national health accounts (NHAs), a globally recognized and accepted resource tracking methodology for the health sector, track flows of funds in Kenya's health sector, measuring total public and private health expenditures.
Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan
April 2015
This report provides detailed cost estimates for implementing the Kenya Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan, including family planning and reproductive health costs.
Family planning in Kenya:
May 2014
This analysis sought to understand reasons for Kenya's high unmet need for family planning with review of policies and budgets, reviewing data from county and national levels.
January 2014
The strategic plan provides direction for the Kenyan health sector, including the priority health investments needed to achieve desired health outcomes and the resource implications of implementing the strategy.
Ministerial Strategic & Investment Plan
January 2014
This strategy was created to guide and support the achievement of Kenya Health Policy 2014-2030 and Vision 2030. It aims at ensuring improved service delivery, accountabliity, and equity in citizens' access to services.
Reproductive health financing in Kenya
January 2013
This paper reviews the allocation of resources for reproductive health and challenges in resource tracking.
National Family Planning Costed Implementaiton Plan 2012-2016
January 2012
To accelerate the efforts to attain a CPR of 56 percent by 2015, the Ministry of Health along with stakeholders developed the National Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan.
Health Financing in Kenya: the case of RH/FP
June 2011
This report analyzes trends in Kenya's budget allocations to health, to provide stakeholders with budget advocacy evidence.
RH/FP Financing in Kenya
January 2010
This report tracks national resources for reproductive health and family planning in Kenya using data from the 2005/06 and 2009/10 national health accounts (NHAs).