May 2019
Identifies the high impact practices within key country strategies, including analysis of health financing objectives.
Measuring progress toward UHC in Ghana
June 2017
The paper summarizes the potential indicators that can be used to measure health service coverage and financial risk protection; it also provides a roadmap for the Ghana Ministry of Health to use in the context of monitoring progress toward universal health coverage.
Macro-Fiscal Profile Ghana
May 2016
This brief provides an overview of Ghana's macroeconomic indicators, government revenue, and expenditures.
February 2016
This report provides an overview of health financing in Ghana, including levels of expenditure, financing sources, and an overview of the country's National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
Ghana Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan 2016-2020
September 2015
The Costed Implementation Plan for family planning was developed as part of the comprehensive multisectoral strategy to reposition family planning programs in Ghana and translate policy intent into realistic actionable program targets and activities.
Essential Package of Health Services Country Snapshot: Ghana
July 2015
The snapshot explores several important dimensions of the Essential Package of Health Services in the country, such as how government policies contribute to the service coverage, population coverage, and financial coverage of the package.
June 2015
This analysis can be used by policymakers to make the case for increased investment in family planning. It projects the anticipated health and economic benefits of family planning from 2014 to 2020.
Ghana Health Financing Strategy
January 2015
The Ghana Health Financing Strategy explains how health financing in Ghana will contribute to health system goals and objectives.
Holistic Assessment of the Health Sector Programme of Work 2014
January 2015
This report presents results of the of internal assessment by the Ministry of Health of the health system, including an assessment of progress in health financing indicators.
October 2014
This report provides a framework for health sector stakeholders, defining priorities and projections for a four-year period.
May 2014
Key findings and indicator trends from the 2012 national health accounts (NHAs), a globally recognized and accepted resource tracking methodology for the health sector.
Building on Community-based Health Insurance to Expand National Coverage
December 2013
Overview of lessons learned from Ghana's National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), including the politics of navigating health finance reform, limitations to scaling up from mutual health organizations (MHOs), and challenges to achieving and sustaining universal health coverage.
September 2013
This analysis estimates the unit costs of providing family planning services in Ghana and projects the resource requirements for scaling up family planning services from 2012 to 2016.
January 2013
This report provides an evidence-based review of the performance of Ghana's health system and options for reform in the context of Ghana's fiscal space.
Health Financing in Ghana
January 2012
This report compares Ghana's health outcomes, inputs, health spending, and financial protection with that of similar countries to assess the performance of the health system and sustainability of the NHIS.