May 2019
Identifies the high impact practices within key country strategies, including analysis of health financing objectives.
Family Planning and Reproductive Health Tanzania
July 2017
This fact sheet provides background on USAID's FP initatives in Tanzania, current interventions, impact, and challenges.
Accelerating family planning progress in Tanzania
October 2016
This brief presents DHS data to assess whether Tanzania has achieved its FP2020 2012 commitment.
The National Roadmap Strategic Plan
June 2016
This strategic plan provides guidance for implementation of RMNCAH interventions in the country.
Tanzania Health Financing Profile
May 2016
Overview of Tanzania's total health expenditure, financing sources, health insurance pooling and purchasing, and HIV financing.
Tanzania Macro-Fiscal Profile
May 2016
This brief provides an overview of Tanzania's macroeconomic indicators, government revenue and expenditures.
Health Sector Strategic Plan
August 2015
This HSSP is the guiding reference document for the health sector in Tanzania from 2015 to 2020, including for family planning and health financing.
Tanzania Project Appraisal Document
May 2015
Program paper on proposed additional financing from the Global Financing Facility to Tanzania.
Gaining traction
February 2015
This report shares the process of implementating the Costed Implementation Plan for Family Planning in Tanzania.
Snapshot: Tanzania's health system
February 2015
Review of Tanzania's health system and efforts to achieve Development Vision 2025, including recommendations to increase investment in human resources for health, commodities and supply chain, health infrastructure, M&E, and HMIS.
Prospects for Sustainabile Health Financing
February 2015
This brief reviews levels and sources of health financing in Tanzania, the country's approach to universal health coverage, and innovative financing solutions.
Universal Health Coverage Assessment
December 2014
This document provides a preliminary assessment of aspects of the Tanzanian health system relative to the goal of universal health coverage, with a particular focus on the financing system.
September 2013
This strategy details a tangible direction for the implementation of health system strengthening interventions in Tanzania from 2013 to 2018.
The National Family Planning Costed Implementation
July 2013
The Costed Implementation Plan for Family Planning (CIP) is a guide for all family planning programming, detailing program activities and costs necessary to achieve the Tanzanian government's commitment to family planning.
Tanzania National Health Accounts
May 2012
The 2009/10 national health accounts provides a comprehensive analysis on sources of Tanzania's health expenditures, financing agents, healthcare providers, and health functions. This report includes expenditure data specifically for reproductive health, along with other health areas.
Tanzania National Health Accounts Year
January 2012
Overview of Tanzania policies, guidelines, and commitments to integration of family planning and HIV.
Tanzania Health System Assessment 2010 Report
July 2011
The assessment was conducted to examine the health system's major strengths and weaknesses, including for health financing.