Domestic resource mobilization

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This message board is for discussions on lessons learned and best practices in mobilizing domestic resources for family planning.

Published Date: 
Wednesday, March 27, 2019


HP+ is developing a framework for identifying catalytic investment opportunities to mobilize domestic resources for family planning. The HIV community has been using catalytic investments as a way to incentivize investment in HIV, for example through USAID/PEPFAR's Sustainable Financing Initiative, but it's newer in the family planning space. The Challenge Initiative for example is working at the sub-national level, offering matching grants to city governments that make an increased investment in family planning. After reviewing experiences from countries that have transitioned away from donor funding for family planning and successes in mobilizing resources for HIV, there are several different kinds of catalytic investments including advocacy, analysis, capacity development, policy development and financing (such as co-financing or matching grants). We are putting together a guide for countries to use to identify the appropriate catalytic investments for them based on the country context that we hope will help country governments and development partners prioritize investments. Stay tuned!